Scope of our Litigation services:

We comprise of knowledgeable litigators who can provide good strategic advice, follow well-defined practices to ensuring the admissibility of evidence and use modern technology effectively to reduce costs and improve the quality of advocacy. The important pillars on which we built our litigation management processes are:

  • To satisfy the legal and business requirements of our clients
  • Keep clients informed of the nature, costs and benefits of the litigation process
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with clients
  • Plan every litigation case thoroughly and allocate sufficient resources to each case
  • Ensure that each member on the litigation team knows and understands their role
  • Timely brief counsel and avail relevant members of the litigation team for consultations with client as well as expert witnesses
  • Comply with the court rules and processes

Magistrate Court:

Our attorneys acting in the Magistrates Court have a good understanding of the Magistrate’s Court Act, Act 32 of 1944 and the Magistrates Court Rules as amended from time to time. We can appear on behalf of clients’ or alternatively junior counsel can be briefed upon client’s instruction. Although we are bound by the time limits set by the Magistrates Court Act, we execute instructions efficiently and effectively. We have an effective electronic diary and alert system to ensure that matters are dealt with on a regular basis and important dates are not overlooked.

High Court:

Our Attorneys have High Court standing (Right of Appearance), litigation training and experience in litigation which allows them to confidently represent clients in the High Court. For highly complex matters that require specific expertise, we recommend the appointment of counsel with the appropriate knowledge and competence to handle the matter. We have excellent relationships with counsels whom specialize in different fields of law. High Court matters are also loaded on our diary and alert electronic system.